Hope of America is one of my favorite things about teaching 5th grade!
- Gina Morgan, Teacher, Mt. Trails
What an inspiring night – especially for the participants who had those wonderful messages memorized and planted in their patriotic hearts!
- Margaret Dayton, Utah State Senator
Thank you so much for this program for young students. It’s such a fun and memorable experience for them. I have had four children in this over the years and my fifth is doing it tonight!
- Linda Wilkins McGee, Parent
I just wanted to thank you for an amazing night! Our students LOVE to be a part of this program each year.
- Michele Templemann, Teacher, Arches Academy
Thank you! This was my first time seeing the Hope of America and it was absolutely wonderful!
- Lindon Elementary Parent
We had a blast! It was amazing!
- Stacey Garrent, Teacher, Hidden Hollow
There are no words to describe to you the impact yesterday had on my class!!! Every one of my students talked about what a life-changing experience it was , as did many of my parents. The highlight of the whole experience came at the end of the school day today when one of my most struggling students took me aside and told me he now knows what he wants to be…”a fifth grade teacher, and I will only take a job if they will let me take my class to Hope of America” I had seen a change in this young man today and wondered what was happening – and now I know.
- Sheila Davis, Teacher
Last night was my first time attending Hope of America. Being a teacher for almost 19 years, I have always been “too busy” to make the trip. I will NEVER let that happen again. It was amazing, moving and educational. I hope to be a part of Hope of America for the rest of my life.
- Rebecca Johnson, Teacher, Eaglecrest
THANK YOU! That was simply amazing! It was simply heart-touching greatness!
- Ryan Ferre, Teacher, Saratoga Shores Elementary
WOW! It was so good this year! I feel like in the 10 years I’ve been coming it just keeps getting better and better!
- Mary McMurtrey, Teacher, Shelley Elementary
We love all of the patriotic activites. It is so great that the students are able to experience this, and what a great community building event. My parents came and they loved it!
- Tresa Reiley, Teacher, Dry Creek Elementary
We’re very excited to attend next year! It was a wonderful experience for all! We were impressed by the program, and the students comments were all the same, “I wish we could do it again”, “Wow, that was so fun and I even cried!”
- Debbie Petiti, Teacher
This was our first time having a student involved. AND I am so excited that I have five more children to do it in the coming years!
- Marie, Parent, Hidden Hollow