Program Suggestions
  • Download the free lyric sheets and make copies for your students.
  • Have your students sing along with the vocal models on the music tracks until they learn the words and phrasing for the songs. This makes it easy for all the students to learn the song exactly the same way.
  • “Hand actions” can make the program more fun and entertaining. Videos containing hand action examples have been included for many of the songs. There are two versions of each video: a “Student’s version” is designed for the students to watch and learn by following the guide on the screen.
  • There is also a “Teacher’s version” which is mirrored. It is important that the teachers learn this version because the students will be opposite them and watching them as a guide during the performance.
  • During the performance, it is important that you have a good sound system with microphones that will pick up the size of your group. A floor speaker should be close to the singers that faces toward them so they can easily hear the music.
  • Some schools choose to have the students sing along with the children on the music tracks during the actual performance so the group sounds bigger. This will help them stay together on pitch and make it possible for you to control the volume. If you have good microphones the audience will not be able to tell the difference. (Our recordings are made by regular classroom students which makes this possible.) If you’ld rather have your students sing to just the accompaniment, minus tracks are also available, which do not include the children singing.
  • A professional narration has been included also. A written script (for the students to speak) is also available and can be downloaded free with the lyric sheets.
  • Optional materials including “Visual Aids” (videos), Student Practice Songs, Hope of America T-Shirts and Sheet Music are also available. Due to the production costs associated with these optional materials, they are available for purchase on-line at deeply discounted prices.
  • This program can be used by a single class, grade level, multiple upper grades, district or multiple districts. Because all students learn the song phrasing exactly the same way, it allows for bigger productions to take place with minimal rehearsals.